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K20 - Bronze Age
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Calculator K16 - Neolithic period

New calculator based on the allele frequencies of the eurogenes K36 calculator.
Eurogenes K36

Objective: to establish allele frequencies based on ancient genomes.
Methodology: Apply the ancient K36 results on the frequency of the markers.

European_EHG: Hunter-gatherers from Eastern Europe. Like Khvalynsk (EHG: 94.17%)
Caucasus: Caucasus Hunter-gatherers. Like Kotias (CHG: 90.92%)
Amerindian: Same component of amerindian
East_Asian: Same component of East-Asian
East-African: Same component of East-African
Oceanian: Same component of Oceanian
Siberian: Same component of Siberian
South_Asian: Same component of South-Asian
South_Chinese: Same component of South-Chinese
West_African: Same component of West_African
Iberomaurusian: Paleolithic people of North Africa. Like Iberomaurusians
Levant_Neolithic: Neolithic of the Levant . Like I0867 (Levant_N: 99.11%).
Anatolian_Farmer Neolithic anatolian. Like I0709 (Anatolian_F: 81.23%)
West-Med_Farmers: Neolithic european of South-West of Europe. Like El Troc 3 (West-F: 99.92%).
Iran_Neolithic: Neolithic of Zagros. Like I1290 (Iran-N: 97.41%).
European_WHG: Hunter-gatherers from Western Europe. Like la Braña (WHG: 99.98%).

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