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K16 - Neolithic period
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Calculator K20 - Bronze Age

New calculator based on the allele frequencies of the eurogenes K36 calculator.
Eurogenes K36

Same Component than Eurogenes K36:
Amerindian: Same component of amerindian
East_Asian: Same component of East-Asian
East-African: Same component of East-African
Oceanian: Same component of Oceanian
Siberian: Same component of Siberian
South_Asian: Same component of South-Asian
South_Chinese: Same component of South-Chinese
West_African: Same component of West_African

West-Euro: Like Ballynahatty, I408MN. Essentially from Western Farmers
Central-Euro: Like hungarian Rise 374 or 479. Essentially from WHG and Farmers Anatolians
NE-Euro: These SNPs remained essentially in NE Europe
North-Africa: Essentially from Iberomaurisian and Western Farmers
Jordan_BA: Bronze Age of Jordan.
Mota: From Ethiopia 2500 BC.
Anatolian_CHL Chalcolithic anatolian like I1584.
Armenian_CHL: Chalcolithic armenian like I1658.
Iran_CHL: Chalcolithic Iranian like I1661.
West-Steppe: These SNPs are present from Steppes to Western Europe.
East-Steppe: These SNPs are present in Steppes and in Eastern Europe.
To_SC_Asia: These SNPs are present in Steppes, Eastern Europe and SC Asia.

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